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Tips to help families reduce stress of autism

Useful Tips for parents with autistic children

Whenever a child is diagnosed with autism, the parents and siblings will have to go through some tough times and will face a lot of social and financial challenges. This will undoubtedly lead to stress and that will take a toll on the family. It is very important for the family to soothe the stress that they are facing and here are some tips that will allow them to do so.

* Always be consistent when it comes to positive information or praise and try to minimize on punishment and negative comments. You will not be able to get autism children to learn by telling them what not to do, but by directly guiding them on their expected behavior.

* If your child has interests, then you should encourage the child and celebrate the accomplishments. You will never know if these interests could later lead them to a career.

* It is very important to know your priorities and to plan accordingly. Identify and understand the top issues and the needs of your family and create a plan that will enlist everyone in the family with responsibilities so as to achieve the priorities.

* Parents of autism children will be the lifelong advocate and the case manager of the child and therefore it is very important to collect and organize all information regarding your child.

* Intensive and ongoing treatment plans will have a positive effect on your child and therefore one has to ensure that apart from the structured educational options that the child is undergoing, you will have to coach and guide your child continually to deal with simple and complex learning and also social situations.

* I t is important to keep the family together and therefore plan recreational and leisure activities regularly for the family so that everyone in the family spends some quality time together.

* There will be many occasions when you will need the help of others and do not hesitate to ask others for help.

* Many parents while taking care of autism children seldom take care of their health. Always remember that only if you are healthy, you can take care of your child and therefore exercise, take proper rest and spend time with friends to relax and feel freshened.

Many families that have autistic children have been heard quoting that having an autism child is a death sentence. One has to understand that it is not so and it is something that you may have to deal with for the rest of your life, but by staying calm and focused you can make your life a lot better than what many people say.

Treatment options for autism

Every autistic child is unique and therefore there cannot be a general treatment for autistic children. Any treatment for a child with autistic condition has to be tailor made to suit the child and will have to address specific needs. Treatments that are used for autism will involve medicines, behavioral treatments or as in many cases both. Most of the autism children will have additional medical conditions like seizures, gastrointestinal distress and sleep disturbance and these conditions will also have to be treated along with autism. In all treatments for autism, the family of the child will have to work closely with the doctors and the medical professionals as there are training sessions for the parents on how to deal with autism child.

An autistic treatment program will try to improve the social, behavioral, communication, learning and adaptive aspects of the autism child, while helping parents to cope with the various issues that they may have to face while brining up autistic children. Some of the treatments that are often advised by doctors for autistic children are briefly discussed below.

Behavioral training and management

This treatment uses self help, social skills training and positive reinforcement to improve the communication and behavior of the autism child. Some of the treatments that are commonly used are Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children (TEACCH), sensory integration and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).


Medicines that are used are primarily to treat the other medical conditions that often are found in autistic children and to treat problem behaviors like hyperactivity, obsessive compulsive behavior, anxiety and depression.

Specialized therapies

Specialized therapies are needed to manage autism and some of the therapies that are used are speech, physical and occupational therapy. It is very important to use these therapies throughout the treatment process and will greatly help the autistic children cope with autism. Speech therapy will help such children to improve their social and language skills and will help to communicate more effectively. Occupational therapy will help the autistic child to learn how to process the information that he or she receives from the senses. A combination of physical and occupational therapy can help the autistic child in improving the deficiencies that might be there with respect to motor skills or coordination.

Parent training and community support

Training is very important for the parents as they will have to undergo a lot of stress and problems when dealing with an autistic child and if they are not properly trained, they will not be aware of what to expect and what has to be done when certain issues arise.

Genetic is the key to why my child has autism.

A few years ago researchers may have no clue about what causes autism. However recent studies have revealed some interesting results. As scientists have recently identified a number of rare gene changes, or mutations, associated with autism.

Whatever the findings are, I strongly believe that my child has autism due to genetic disorder. How can I conclude without doing research on this. Follow me and I will tell you why I believe so.

Why genetics?

Imagine that mankind has to evolve in order to survive in the changing world. Global warming in the coming years will burn our earth to an extent that many species will have to be gone for good.

For our race to suppress these climate changes, rapid mutation will have to occur one way or another. Mutations happen to all parts of our body including the brain cells.

Just look at the face of your family and friends. Do they look the same? Well, surely the answer is no. Same is true for our brains.

We all don’t have the same amount of brain cells in our skull for sure. As you know it, some are brainless and some are brainy, don’t take my joke seriously sorry.

How is that related to Autism?

Well, as you now realized  that we all have slightly different amount of brain cells. But what you have to think further is that each part of our brain are different too! We may have similar skull size but what we have inside may not. Parts of brain that control our movements may be different from parts of brain that control our reasoning in terms of amount of brain cells. And each individual can not have the same portions of each type of brain cells. Otherwise we will just think the same do the same act the same, with no exceptional talents among us.

Now, our babies are b bit unlucky to have less brain cells for the communication skills, but believe me they have bigger brain cells in other area instead. For example, I have found that autistic persons who can not communicate well will show some talents in terms of studying skills, logical skills or memorizing things that others could not do.

Look around you and see that those brainy people such as lawyers, doctors or university professors are hard to talk with. When you have verbal contact with them its really hard to comprehend what they are trying to say. Let alone about their behaviors, you rarely see them in public entertaining places. As they tend to stay alone, talking to themselves, less eye contact, which are the common symptoms of an autistic person.

Living proof of my claims

I can’t come to this conclusions if I don’t see a proof as I am a scientist myself. Few years ago I have opened a tutor house for young kids in my neighborhood. Among hundreds of students I have found that more than half can be considered as a person in an autistic spectrum. And most children with autistic in my care did not know themselves that they are autistic children. Even their parents do not realized it.

Some parents come to me and seek advice of why their child have learning difficulties. To be honest I can not tell them unless they insist on it and can cope with the consequences. What I can tell them is that their child need expert advice on behavior. Some of  them actually follow my advice and they then realized what action they have to take. Good for their child of cause.

The profiles of these parents are of the well-off or high profile families such as doctors, university lecture, successful business figure, judges or high profile state officers. A quick glance at these parents I can tell right away that either mam or dad of autism child is an autistic him/herself.

Easy to spot behaviors are: less eye contact when talking, sign of sleeping problems, hard to comprehend what he/she is talking about, no introduction on the topic they just go straight to want they want to say and stop suddenly.

For you to proof

I am challenging you to find out who in your family carry the autism gene? You will find one I am sure. Just remember the behavior of an autistic person and judge him or her or even yourself. I apologize for being rude, but believe me its true. So do not blame the ultrasound machines or the vaccines give to your autism child over the years. Millions of baby all over the world had gone through these process similar to yours. But why only few number of babies have autism. Why only few child born with some disorder in terms of physical disorder? That because of genetic mutation for the survival of mankind.

So your child is the result of genetic mutation for the survival of mankind too, but this time its the brain that is being effected!


Sleepless nights

Sleeping is a problem for her, as well as many other autistic children I doubt. I can not just put her to bed and say its time to sleep my girl. The only way she can sleep is when she can not resist her body anymore. Seem likes she is trying to barred herself from sleeping. Or I can say in other words “she doesn’t want to sleep”

It is normal to see her standing sleep. Its not like sleep walking. She just stand there trying to resist herself on not to fall as sleep. Until she can no longer control herself then she will just find the nearest location which is soft enough to land herself on. Then on if she can gain some consciousness she may just walk to other places and land land herself again. If she doesn’t move for about 10 mins it means she is sleeping.

It began when she was about 4 years old. Started from sitting sleep – imagine a drunken man sitting on a sofa and doesn’t want to sleep – and developed to a standing sleep over the years.

At nights when she wants to sleep, she will just crying out as she want to go out and sleep on a moving car. Moving car means the car has to be moving, as I can not just put her in the passenger seat and start the engine. Driving slowly on a local road after 20 mins if she doesn’t fall to sleep it would means she needs to fulfill something. It could be that she still want to eat some food, want to drink some water, want to see her mum or may be she need to go to toilet.

Many times that I ended up at police check point and asked to stop. I though police may think that I am a drug runner as I had to drive slowly along the streets.

Apart from sleeping problems then its a normal night for us all. As she will just walking around. Sitting here and there while we just watch our favorite TV program.

How is your autistic babe? No problem with sleeping? Many sleepless nights and I would think will sleeping pill help?


Apr 2013

Identifying Autism Asperger’s Syndromes

Identifying autism Asperger’s syndromes can be a very tricky process. There are numerous guidelines one has to work through. Making the wrong diagnosis can lead to the person with autism not receiving the proper treatments they require. There are certain criteria you will need to look at before diagnosing a patient with autism Asperger.

The patient will prefer to be alone as opposed to being in groups. He or she will generally lack social skills and will not be able to carry a conversation a social conversation. One test for determining whether or not a person has autism is to observe his body language. Usually a person with autistic tendencies will not use of body language when interacting with other individuals. He will try and avoid eye contact and will rarely change the expressions on his face. Signs of autism Asperger in children will include the child not wanting to play with others, neither will they attempt to touch them or talk with them. They will remain as reclusive as possible. They will not wish to participate in various interactive games and will prefer to remain alone. The child will not want to make friends with people of the same age preferring to do things on his or her own.

When testing for autism in children as well as adults another habit you will observe is the continuous repeat of very limiting activities. They will also tend to make continual repeating movements with no reason whatsoever. They will also insist on following a specific routine that may seem useless to us but is of the utmost importance to them.

As recent studies indicate there are about five types of disorders involving some sort of the autism syndrome. This you will find to be explained in detail when doing the required research. One of these classifications of autism is called classic autism, which in most cases are the most severe. People with this disorder will tend to have language problems and will develop the ability to speak a lot later in life. This autism patience will lack the ability to display any kind of emotion or affection and will severely dislike contact with other people. In children you would need to look out for the symptoms of classical autism taking place during the first couple of years of the child’s life. Usually it will be within the first three but will continue throughout the child’s years through to adulthood. Due to its severity the patient is also treated with the utmost care. Children with autism syndromes require much more love and attention as well as patience.

Asperger’s syndrome can also be classified as a form of autism. The child in question will have various mood swings that can be a mild case of mood swings, but ultimately it will evolve into a severe case of mood swings. They tend to also not be able to interpret body language correctly which will ultimately cause confusion and in some cases violent outbursts as they rarely possess control over their emotions. Autism Asperger can be treated, but the results will vary from person to person.

Empowering Your Self And Your Autism Child: Autism Treatments

While there is no cure, there are different autism treatments available that can really aid in ensuring that you live a fulfilled life with your autistic child. Each child will differ in their response, so it is vital to find out what treatment will best benefit each specific case. The severity of the conditions alters from patient to patient. One thing they have in common is an inability to perform in a typical way socially. This is one of the first tell-tale sign that your child has the condition. Delayed speech or a lack of ability to make verbal connection is signifiers that there may be a problem. They often seem much cut off from the world around them, and are reluctant to make eye contact and respond to stimuli. Research on the causes of this condition is as of yet inconclusive, but a lot of time and money is going into finding out more about this way of being. Empowering yourself comes from doing intense investigations into the current autism treatments available, and what benefits they can offer.

The most tried and tested means of treating an autistic child is with what is known as ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis. How this works is by using a specific reward system to alter a child’s behavior. It is predominantly linguistically based, as children are applauded in different ways for coming up with the correct words for different objects. This method has, however, come under fire, particularly from parents with autistic children. It is criticized for being very simplistic, and not always creating the correct neuro-linguistic pathways in the brain. It essentially will teach the child to label different objects, while not necessarily deepening their language usage. It lacks in its ability to allow the child to function in everyday society.

A more unusual treatment is Chelation therapy. This is often dubbed as a rather strange approach and is not fully backed by the medical community, while alternative practitioners have found it to be effective. The way it works is by using different chemicals that bind toxic metals in the body so that they can therefore be removed. The reason it is used as one of the known autism treatments is that it is a popular belief that the condition is caused by vaccinations that poison the body. This is thus a way to remove the harmful poisons, so that recovery can take place.

Because there is no cure as of yet, research into the causes of the condition have been ongoing. One of the latest developments involves prenatal detection. This, of course, brings certain moral concerns to the fore, as one wonders about the ethical repercussions of pregnancy terminations for this reason. Because it is a manageable condition, questions arise as to whether it is necessary to know this information before the birth of your baby. Ultimately, it would seem that a better option is rather to empower one’s self about the autism treatments available, and how to live with an autistic child.

Information On Child Autism Symptoms And Treatments.

Autism symptoms and treatments can be explained in two separate categories. Firstly you will need to identify the symptoms of autism thereafter you will need to consult a health specialist on what effective treatment you are able to incorporate into your child’s life in order to make him or her more comfortable. Information on autism symptoms and treatments are readily available on various reliable internet sources as well as your nearest child development centers.

Autism symptoms can be divided into approximately six categories a few of which will be discussed throughout the article.

Firstly, socially impaired interaction which involves the child lacking responsive qualities like responding to his name or not looking at people when they are talking to him or her. They will also avoid eye to eye contact and not be responsive to affection given. Making friends will be difficult for them if not entirely impossible. They will also display a lack of imagination and will prefer to play by himself or herself.

Secondly verbally communicating would also be a problem. They could most likely not be able to interact in an ongoing conversation and response will be very limited. They will sometimes appear as if they are deaf, but this is not always the case. They will also tend to repeat certain phrases or words or not talk at all in some cases.

Thirdly they will also tend to display an obsessive nature. There activities will mostly be of an unusual nature and their interests are most often very limited to basic activities.

Their movements will also tend to be of a repetitive nature, rocking back and forth is a distinct example of this. They will be completely focused on highly organized routines and breaking of that routine may cause violent outbursts.

Children who display symptoms of a sensory nature may be prone to harming themselves or be almost oblivious to pain. Their lack of sensitivity to pain can also be turned around and they could experience extreme sensitivity to certain sensations. Autism symptoms and treatments are also available at Autism institutions where they are able to explain in detail what procedures you as a parent will need to follow.

In previous years there were not one specific treatment for autism, because of this persons with autism received no or little medical attention. Current treatment can involve a type of antipsychotic drug to improve the comfort ability of people with autism. Due to the varied symptoms of autism these drugs are not always right for all persons who have autism. Another way of treatment is a specific type of therapy where the person with autism can reach goals that are very easy to reach. Once again each treatment will have a different effect on the person as their symptoms can vary considerably. Results will only be able to be achieved once you have determined which treatment is suitable to the needs of the autistic person. However, understanding autism symptoms and treatments will help in making the best decision for the person who has autism.